Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Podcast01: Digital Storytelling

Educational innovation thrives on the food of creative ideas. Welcome to the "Technology Shopping Cart," a collaborative educational podcasting effort by Karen Montgomery, Vicki Allen, and Wesley Fryer. We are aspiring to create at least two podcasts per month, approximately 20-30 minutes in length each, and are launching this project in late November 2007. This podcast is something we've talked about for many months, and are enthused to begin! We follow a similar format to The Seedlings podcast, sharing "geek of the week" websites as well as discussion around our show theme, which in this first episode is digital storytelling. Access our show notes on our wiki for links to the websites and resources we discussed in this episode.

mp3 podcast

  1. "Coffee 2.0" - VoiceThread created by Houston-area teachers
  2. K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project
  3. Narrative forms in the Digital Classroom
  4. Homepage of Matthew Jett Hall
  5. Skrbl: Draw, Text, Share on our simple & useful whiteboard. Discover easy online collaboration.
  6. Ourstory.com - Save Stories, Photos, and Videos on a Collaborative Timeline
  7. Yackpack for Education
  8. Thinking about simplicity in the context of professional development (blog post by Wesley, 11/14/07)
  9. Oklahoma WWII Veteran History Project
  10. Videoconferencing and webcasting opportunities for the USS Oklahoma Memorial Dedication on 12/07/2007
  11. Oklahoma World War II History Project Wiki
  12. Oklahoma Digital Centennial Project
  13. US Library of Congress' Veteran Oral History
  14. Seedlings at Bit by Bit podcasts (the model and inspiration for our Technology Shopping Cart podcast show)

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